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The sale isn’t always the end of the story

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The sale is just the beginning. A shopper isn’t truly a customer until they decide to keep what they ordered from you.


Returns are a fact of life for retailers, but the ecommerce and multichannel environments are bringing changes in customer behaviour that are pushing up your return rates and straining your existing processes to breaking point.


Ecommerce returns are costing retailers like you billions. For each and every return you’re paying the cost of delivery, handling, discounting and wasted stock. Not to mention the opportunity cost of a poor customer experience. On average between 25% and 50% of online purchases are sent back, meaning your profit margins are potentially being wiped out.


Clear Returns can help you optimise your profits by proactively reducing your return rate. Our unique, award-winning returns intelligence technology looks forwards, not back – helping you proactively cut costs, retain revenue and improve the customer experience.


ECHO alerts on problem products or content after fewer than 10 returns have been logged. SEER allows you to understand customers based on what they keep and tailor responses accordingly. SMART EXCHANGE retains more spend post sale. These three products – individually and collectively – will enable you to minimise your returns and maximise your profits.


Retailers have already saved millions with Clear Returns’ technology. Shoppers gain too, by avoiding the disappointment of receiving an order that fails to meet their expectations and by being better served in the online environment.


It’s not what they buy, it’s what they keep that counts.


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The time to take action is now. As online sales continue to grow, so too will returns and their associated impact on your bottom line. Call Clear Returns now on 0141 554 4175 and start tackling your return headache today.



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