Clear Returns Shortlisted for Customer Insight Project of the Year

Clear Returns is proud to say that we were nominated for the title of Customer Insight Project of the Year for our unique work one of our clients. The nomination was part of the BT Retail Week Tech & Ecomm Awards, which were announced at the Hilton Hotel in Park Lane, London this past Wednesday, June 10th. This year there was a 75% increase in applications to the awards, showing the amazing growth in ecommerce and that Clear Returns has proven its commercial impact alongside the biggest players in retail technology and multichannel shopping.

We would like to extend a big congratulations to all of the winners of the BT Retail Tech & Ecomm Awards!

The BT Retail Week Tech & Ecomm Awards is a celebration of the retail technologies and innovations that are paving the way for the growing and dynamic multichannel retail landscape. By working with companies like Clear Returns, retailers are able to meet the changing demands of consumers and completely exceed customer expectations while growing their commercials. Clear Returns is dedicated to enhancing customer experience by using revolutionary software to analyse the reasons behind product returns and develop proactive returns solutions - it’s a problem that’s industry-wide and has been growing alongside the popularity of online shopping.

Clear Returns delivers major retailers at least £1 million of additional revenue for every £10 million returned, and our award nomination for the company’s outstanding work has proven Clear Returns’ commercial impact alongside the biggest players in ecommerce and multichannel shopping.

The Returns Problem

With online shopping seeing significant growth and changing customer demands, return rates for some distance sellers have been climbing well over 30%, and in some countries, such as Germany, return rates up to 60% are all too common. Clear Returns provided this leading TV shopping channel with returns analyses and solutions that caused them to achieve an even more competitive edge in the retail market, maximise customer lifetime value and grow revenue.

A bit about Clear Returns

Clear Returns began when CEO Vicky Brock noticed the increasing complexity of managing returns, especially among the growing popularity of ecommerce shopping. This lead to the development of Clear Returns’ groundbreaking returns intelligence software, which aggregates and analyses the reasons products were brought back to the store, allowing retailers to take fast and proactive action against returns issues. This technology lead the company to win a number of highly esteemed awards, including Tech All Stars, IBM SmartCamp, Innovation of the Year, the Angel Investment Award, and the FDM Everywoman in Technology Award. We’re very happy that the Retail Week Tech & Ecomm Awards had recognised the value in our innovative way of looking at retail - it’s not a sale until the customer decides to keep it.