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This week I am in grumpy shopper mode.  I’ve been moaning all week.  Why?  Because my local supermarket took my nice new slippers away.   OK, they didn’t come round and steal them in the night.   I walked in and handed them over voluntarily.  But then I’d only had the...

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Offline versus online, consistently the channels are being merged - but how different is consumer behaviour between channels? Clear Returns investigate.   A recent study of 2,000 consumers, reported in the Continue Reading →

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A small group of shoppers are causing ecommerce retailers more than their fair share of returns pain.   Clear Returns has found that for some unfortunate retailers, up to 10% of returned product comes from a tiny proportion of shoppers who buy merchandise...

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Our CEO Vicky Brock discusses in our blog this week the new point of sale - it is not when the customer makes the purchase, it is when (in the privacy of their home) they actually decide to keep it.   It’s a bold assertion that I made at the Continue Reading →

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Retailers know December as the month of high sales and high profits as customers Christmas shopping is completed, but it can also be a month of disappointment for customers. High value customers cause a wave of returns weeks before Christmas

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Retailers need to get serious about the customer experience, lip service no longer cuts it, one liners like "make their day" will not suffice anymore.   The customer experience should be viewed as a strategy that aligns with the rest of the business to ensure retailers ar...

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The concept of 'omnichannel' has been discussed frequently and in the upcoming conference season it pops up on many  retail agendas - but what are the key challenges of this strategy?   As with several other retail terms, it can mean many things to many people. So what i...

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Micros, global technology provider to the retail sector, have published their Online Returns & Refund Report for 2013 which has some interesting insights, here we round up the key facts for retailers.   ...

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This week saw a host of retailers publish their latest results and a staggering number recorded exceptional online and mobile growth.   Continue Reading →

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What must retailers do to ensure customer satisfaction online in 2013? The latest report from eDigital Research and

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