Retail Returns Intelligence | Clear Returns Market Report 2015

Returns: the real cost to retailers of customers returning goods…
…and how to claw back margin

Black Friday 2015 sales are predicted to exceed £1bn in a single day for the first time, but this promotion could prove a costly exercise for retailers, our report reveals.

Black Friday returns are set to cause £160million of stock to be sent back. This stock then gets caught up in the ‘returns loop’ during the critical Christmas sales period, meaning it is unavailable for customers to buy at the exact the point retailers need to sell - damaging customer experiences and margins.

A ‘sale’ is only a ‘sale’ when the customer decides to keep a product. Clear Returns exclusive Playing For Keeps report outlines the scale of returns during peak trading seasons and suggests practical ways retailers can maximise margins during the Christmas peak.

Playing For Keeps: Returns Intelligence exclusive report

Are you Playing for Keeps? Learn how with this exclusive market report from Clear Returns


Clear Returns enables retailers to cut the growing cost of customer returns

Our advanced retail returns intelligence and data technology can detect problematic returns before they escalate into a serious cost-draining issue, enabling retailers to take preventative action.

Through our solution, you can not only identify why customers return goods, but make changes in your product marketing, order management and fulfilment processes to ensure customers keep more of what they buy.

Our award-winning returns intelligence platform merges key data from ecommerce, stores, and warehouse systems to provide you with a consolidated and predictive view of the impact of returns on overall performance.

We’ll provide prioritised, actionable outcomes that grow your ‘keeps’, and therefore your profits.

Talk to Clear Returns now to help your customers keep more of what they buy - and keep buying.


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