Clear Returns - Intelligently protecting profits

Are you a retailer turning over at least £10 million online?


Are returns causing you headaches, or are you unsure of the impact they are having on your business?


Do you aim to ensure your customers are happy and confident with what they buy?


Are you unable to receive the information you need in time to make cost-effective decisions?


Are your return rates becoming unsustainable?


Clear Returns is the solution.


The increase in online sales is being mirrored by a costly increase in returns, causing an erosion of profits that retailers simply cannot afford to ignore.


Returned products cost global ecommerce retailers $200 billion in 2012. This does not take into consideration the opportunity cost of lost business as a result of poor customer experience. As the shift to online shopping continues, and the value of sales increases, so too does the cost to retailers of returned goods.


With an emphasis on sales, and a lack of effective returns prediction, the problem often goes unnoticed until it’s too late to take any corrective action to prevent or offset losses.


How, then, do retailers address this escalating, expensive and poorly understood problem? The answer lies in data, and more specifically, in returns intelligence technology created by Clear Returns.


Clear Returns’ award-winning solutions help you optimise for profits. Our predictive technology pinpoints the many reasons for return that deplete ecommerce profits and, more importantly, triggers intelligent responses. This means you, the retailer, and your ecommerce and technology partners, can take appropriate action to drive your overall profitability.


We highlight the products, processes, suppliers and customers causing costly returns - and generate timely alerts after as few as five returns. Problems are apparent in days, not months, meaning you can take cost saving action fast; optimising for profit, not simply sales. Responses can even be triggered during the transaction, meaning that delivery options and stock availability can be tailored to individual levels.


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Lorraine Howard, Director at NN4M

Clear Returns is just exactly what retailers have been searching for.

Retailers can only benefit from the great knowledge and understanding of the retail sector within the Clear Returns Team.
In this multi-channel shopping world, getting to grips with consumer buying habits is absolutely crucial for profit and success in today’s challenging market place.

Lorraine Howard, Director at NN4M


Jim Duffy, CEO Entrepreneurial Spark

You just know when you are working with a rockstar team!! Clear Returns are hugely clever people with terrific technical ability. Their vision in re-engineering profit into retail is truly game-changing…

Jim Duffy, CEO Entrepreneurial Spark


Susie Fraser, CEO, Incentive Media Ltd

The team at Clear Returns have developed a product that will significantly help the retail industry. I will be recommending all our retail clients speak to Clear Returns. Their software will save them money and allow them to get under the skin of their consumers buying habits which is imperative in today’s market.

Susie Fraser, CEO, Incentive Media Ltd
Jim Sterne, Chairman, Digital Analytics Association

Vicky Brock has been a cornerstone of the Digital Analytics Association since its inception. Not only serving on the Board of Directors for two terms, Vicky became a Certified Web Analyst, the highest achievement the DAA can bestow. Applying her leadership skills and knowledge of the online world to the task of reducing product returns is exciting. I’m looking forward to some provocative success stories.

Jim Sterne, Chairman, Digital Analytics Association