Would you make different service, prioritisation or fulfillment decisions if you had instant context on a customer’s value to your business?


  • Can your service teams instantly tell your profitable customers from loss makers?
  • Do you know who will never shop again if you let them down, and the customers to prioritise for reactivation?
  • Can you tell who is exploiting your returns policy, or should never get free shipping?

Now you can. Prevent problem returners from actively being targeted in the first place, then prioritise service decisions smartly. Our AI data feed integrates to your existing CRM or Order Management System.


CR Call Centre gives in call visibility on a customer’s profitability and returns risk

Using a simple traffic light system, agents will recognise which customers are critical to save or reactivate, and those serial returners who exploit policy. Our AI integrates with Salesforce, IBM & more, enabling your service team to deliver pre-agreed responses based on customer profitability and returns risk.

Benefits include;

  • Reduction in customer churn/abandonment
  • Reduction of blanket discretionary discounts/refunds
  • Increase in retention rates of high value customers
  • Improved net promoter score for high value customers
  • Prioritisation of outbound calls for your most valuable customers
  • Increased lifetime value and customer profitability


CR Order Prioritization enables stock to flow towards those customers most likely to keep

With high value, quick turn, or very limited levels of stock, you can’t afford for a product to sit out with a customer who will inevitably return it. Especially if that stock will come back in a condition that isn’t fit for resale. Our AI data feeds lets you automatically flag up orders to high prioritise and those that you may choose not to fulfil.

Benefits include;

  • Reduce fulfillment & reverse logistics costs
  • Maximise margin
  • Reduce out of stock and non-resellable returns
  • Enforce existing policy (or make informed exceptions) with confidence
  • Limit returns and non-delivered fraud


“Our system used over forty ‘return reason’ codes before, including free text, making it impossible to find a trend,” “Now, we’re using Clear Returns which integrates segmentation and retention data so it’s actually useful. Our agents use a traffic light system while they’re on the phone to a customer, which guides their conversation and decision-making”

Michelle Street, Head of Operations, The Jewellery Channel.


If making different targeting, service or prioritisation decisions based on your customer’s profitability and returns risk makes sense, we can make it happen.

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