Customer profitability feeds


Increase customer profitability

Clear Returns’ data driven technology delivers unprecedented insight into the causes and business impacts of returns - and lets you personalise your interactions with customers based on their returns behaviour in order to maximise their future profitability.

Our customer ID level scoring feeds enable automated responses and better decision making.

Target for keeps

Keep Optimization is revolutionizing the way customers are targeted by focusing on what they keep, not simply what they buy. At least 50% of shoppers think nothing of returning what they bought and it is not a sale until the customer decides to keep it.

We help you increase profit not just sales. Our predictive analytics enhance the personalisation of your marketing campaigns - directing customers towards items they will ‘keep,’ whilst steering customers who will return towards ‘safe’ product categories.

Apply our scoring to email, direct mail and re-targeting campaigns to enable your customers to keep more of what they buy.

  • Identifies clearly which customers should be included and excluded from campaign selections
  • Clearly matches customer to the products that they are most likely to keep, to enhance revenue and reduce returns rates
  • Improves customer lifetime value to grow revenue and profits
  • Boosts marketing spend efficiency and overall  order value
  • Prevents limited stock being promoted to those shoppers who will inevitably return it

Can be integrated with your CRM and existing recommendation and personalised sort tools.

Retain those loyal customers who abandon after a return

For those customers who always intend to keep what they buy, a return feels like the retailer has let them down and inconvenienced them. For these shoppers, a refund isn’t enough—they are angry and may even go to great lengths to avoid the retailer in future. Returns Rescue saves you from losing valuable customers as a result of a return by feeding valuable ‘at risk’ customers to your customer contact centre and alerting you to  opportunities to win them back with a timely  ‘save’ email, call or message.

  • Retains future customer spend that would have been lost, meaning individual customer lifetime value is preserved and overall revenue grows.
  • Effective allocation of customer contact centre resources, prioritising valuable, loyal customers.
  • Greater customer satisfaction and improved word of mouth.

Recognise customers to personalise policy and service

Our customer segmentation uncovers your most valuable customers, serial returners, returners with good lifetime value and returns behaviour that is specific to your business. We use patented algorithms and processes to interrogate your data, giving you access to comparative insights that would otherwise be inaccessible. And those insights only get smarter over time, as more data is collected. Regular data feeds are returned as customer alerts and actionable insights which are specific to your business.

  • Use relative customer profitability to inform service and policy decisions at every customer touch point
  • Enables your fulfillment team to prioritise and maximise their resources
  • Customer contact teams are better informed about their customers and can respond confidently and appropriately to inbound calls
  • Efficient use of resources in customer contact centre by reducing time spent with loss-making customers
  • Informs business wide strategic decisions on growing customer value and satisfaction


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