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About Clear Returns

Through sophisticated data analysis and a combination of product and customer modelling, Clear Returns identify the causes of returns and, more significantly, the customers most impacted. This means you can minimise the negative impact of returns on the business and your customers, without hiring an expensive data science team.Our award-winning returns intelligence platform merges key data from ecommerce, stores, and warehouse systems to provide you with a consolidated and predictive view of the impact of returns on overall performance, along with prioritised, actionable outcomes.This means marketing, customer service, content management and even buying and discounting decisions can be based on intelligence that will grow keeps and therefore grow profits.

If you’re a multichannel or ecommerce retailer selling at least £7 million of non-food items online, we’re sure your organisation will benefit from our multi award-winning technology (including Ecommerce Innovation of the Year and Best New Product).

So sure, in fact, that when you try Clear Returns, we’ll agree minimum performance targets with you and if you’re not delighted with the results within the first 6 months, we’ll return your investment.