Are Returns killing your profits?

Clear Returns can help you identify and act on the causes of returns.

TAKE CONTROL to reduce returns

Gain business-wide visibility of how returns are impacting profits with the Returns Intelligence Console and get specific insight into the causes and costs of returns. Prioritise your focused responses based on our early-warning alerts.

ACT to minimize the impact of returns on customer experience & lifetime value

Get specific insight into what returns are costing you, and where.

Reduce the burden of returns

We help you take early, strategic action to stop returns damaging profits.
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Are returns the biggest barrier to online profitability?

Solutions to understand,control and act on returns

Clear Returns provide robust data analysis to identify the real causes and costs of your returns, and the tools that help you proactively respond. Our market wide view means you can tap into authoritative, tried and tested recommendations fast. Whether you’re using our standalone Returns Insights service, or our customer scoring technology, Clear Returns provides you with the information and analysis to help to reduce your return rates without impacting top-line growth. Some of us may need a refresher on how to buy stocks online. Not just that but how to buy them in the most efficient way with a firm control on your return rates.

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Our award winning technology – Best New Product Winner , Ecommerce Innovation of the Year and Retail Week Customer Experience Finalist - is used by major retailers in ecommerce, TV Shopping and the High Street


What others have to say about the commercial impact of Clear Returns solutions
Clear Returns scoring is integrated into our systems and is being actively used to drive every day decisions on how we interact with our customers; the impact of which is improved profitability and customer service”


Head of Operations

“Is returns prevention manageable?”…“Absolutely”… Returns handling at the retailer wasn’t up to scratch before. Since bringing in Clear Returns, a software company, and spending time analysing its healthy online database, it has improved


Head of Customer Returns

When you have to sell two products to keep one sold, it means twice as much work the business. Clear Returns have given us visibility on the places where we can focus our efforts to reduce returns, while still maintaining a great customer experience.


Head of Digital

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