Returns Intelligence Console: business wide visibility


You can’t manage what you don’t measure

It’s not really a sale until your customer decides to keep it. Returns add up to almost 12% of revenue lost each year, on average, with an even bigger hit to profits. But do you really know the causes of those returns, their impact on conversion and how they affect customer profitability?

Every click the customer makes before they buy is scrutinised with digital analytics tools, whereas the causes of returns are typically assessed from a few codes on a returns form. Effort gets focused on tackling the symptoms - not the causes. This impacts customer experience and lifetime value.

Returns can only be managed and reduced once they are measured and understood - which is where the Returns Intelligence Console fits in. And once fully understood, returns can then be reduced without impacting top-line growth. This means increased profits, improved marketing efficiency and increased customer loyalty.


Ongoing actionable insights into what your customer keeps

    • Transforms your sales, returns, products and reviews data into business critical insight
    • Alerts you to the highest priority issues so you can act fast
    • Makes the costs, causes and impacts of returns visible to the whole business
    • Uses sophisticated predictive analytics for a future focus - not rear view mirror reporting
    • Improve marketing return on spend with visibility on the marketing activities and campaigns contributing to returns
    • Grow value and profitability once you understand how different segments of customers behave once their returns are factored in
    • Focus on the products, brands and suppliers that disproportionately contribute to returns
    • Get problem product alerts and causes of returns while there is still time to act
    • Compare customer behaviour and product performance against industry and competitors
    • All expressed in the most relevant commercial terms to keep your business focused growing keeps and therefore profits


Move from theory to informed action with Returns Intelligence

You can be on the path to improved profitability in just six weeks with our award winning returns intelligence console. Contact us now on 0141 554 4175 or to arrange a call.