Solutions to understand, control and act on returns

Understand, control and act on returns

Returns have a disproportionate impact on the bottom line – so reducing a return rate by just 2 percentage points can boost operating profits by a massive 20%.

Clear Returns data technology solutions that let you predict and prevent returns. The result is increased profit, customer satisfaction and loyalty. And because we’re completely focused on the commercial priorities of retail, returns can be reduced without impacting top-line growth.

From the returns insights you need to get started, the returns analytics to maintain control and the powerful data feeds to act for maximum customer profitability - we’re the authority when it comes to keeping stock sold.

Clear Returns’ data driven technology delivers unprecedented insight into the causes and business impacts of returns - and lets you personalise your interactions with customers based on their returns behaviour in order to maximise their future profitability. With a market wide view of returns causes, and award-winning returns insights software, you can be on the path to improved profitability in just six weeks.

A solution for each stage of operational readiness

Whatever your stage of operational readiness, we have a solution to start you on the right path:

  • UNDERSTAND - Getting started and gaining business buy-in

    Returns Insights gives you clarity on the biggest drivers of your returns, tried and tested remedial tactics, and  the prioritised roadmap you need to get started or to build your business case. Until you understand the scale of your returns challenge and what the underlying causes are, you’ll be dealing with assumptions not facts. Efforts will be on the most obvious symptoms - typically product and process. Clear Returns guides you as you start on the process of reducing returns.  Learn more
  • CONTROL - Business wide visibility and actionable alerts on returns

    The Returns Intelligence Console gives your business a 360 degree view of the product, customers and marketing campaigns behind your returns. We transform data from across your business into commercially critical insight, enriched with our market wide view and predictive algorithms. You’ll get alerts and analysis while there is still time to act so you can control and prioritise. Learn more
  • ACT - Maximise commercial impact and individual customer profitability

    Personalise the way you target, retain and serve customers based on their returns behaviour and sensitivity, in order to maximise customer profitability and experience. Powerful predictive technology that allows you to respond at individual customer and product level. Learn more


Your data, our specialist returns analytic expertise and artificial intelligence

Returns prevention is all we do, We’ve refined our insights and AI over trillions of data points and multiple years, meaning we’re faster than DIY. Not only that, the heavy lifting has already been done for you - we’ve found out what works, already done the machine learning, discover the unexpected patterns and taught the Artificial Intelligence. As a result, we’re ready to go six weeks from receipt of data, even at the scale of multi-billion, global datasets.