Predict and prevent returns before they happen


It is not really a sale until your customer decides to keep it. Preventing returns is the key to reducing their impact on your retail profits. Clear Returns software intelligently predicts and responds to minimize refunds and costs, and maximize customer lifetime value.

Keep Optimization 

Returns rescue for lifetime value

Prevent returns caused by your digital marketing campaigns

Returns Rescue

 Returns Rescue

Save your business from losing valuable customers as a result of a return

Returns Intelligence

Returns intelligence

Make returns insights visible to the whole business, and act faster



Keep your stock sold

Preventing returns is the key to reducing their impact on your retail profits.  After all, it is not really a sale until your customer decides to keep it.

Clear Returns intelligence software services let you optimize your marketing and customer experience efforts towards keeping your stock sold.  Helping your shoppers buy more and keep more means you extend lifetime value, cut marketing acquisition costs and grow profits.

By using big data algorithms and machine learning techniques, Clear Returns helps e-commerce companies and major retailers worldwide reduce return rates and maximize customer lifetime value. Our SaaS data intelligence platforms profiles and predicts both customer and product behaviors based on massive data sets and automatically creates remedial responses. Talk to our experts now!

  • Keep Optimization lets you target the customers who will actually keep the product they buy

    We’re more than 98% accurate in predicting before the point of sale if a specific customer will keep a specific product. Clear Returns has created a solution that eliminates marketing driven returns by syncing seamlessly alongside existing prospect selection, retargeting and optimization tools. This lets you prevent returns, maximize lifetime value, and minimize refunds and costs.

  • Returns Rescue lets you proactively intervene to save a customer from abandoning you

    Ensure that those customers who feel let down by a return are not lost forever.  In order to protect lifetime value, our alerts can trigger email and outbound calling responses and even feed the customer service team script talking points based on the customer behavior and product they encountered.

  • Returns Intelligence helps retailers improve the odds that the product will stay sold

    From early warnings on problem products to automatic alerts where imagery, descriptions or fulfillment issues are driving up returns, Clear Returns provides complete insight both internally and against our index of retailers worldwide to alert you to the real causes and business impacts of returns. You can act faster and smarter  to prevent returns and costs from escalating.

How it works

Big data and smart algorithms predict and intervene to prevent returns.

Using data from across the existing systems in your business, we take automated feeds of your sales, returns, and product data and transform that into automated actions and insights that prevent returns & grow profits.

how clear returns works


Shopper predictions and profiling

What if you could predict at the point of targeting if a specific customer will keep a specific product?

With Clear Returns, you can.  Simply query our software as a service to refine targeting, personalize returns  policy and channels, and to trigger pro-active customer service responses.

Understanding how your customers really feel about returns before they buy enables you to respond appropriately & automatically.  Fewer customers will churn as a result of a return while those costly customers who sit on your premium stock can be nudged towards less costly behavior.  Act quickly and you’ll see the return on investment within weeks.

Customer profile of returners



Product risk scoring and alerts

Even within subcategories & brands, not all products return equally.

Problem, faulty, poorly described or inaccurately fulfilled products can cause customers to abandon you forever, as well as driving up return rates, costs and hitting profits.

We continuously score your products’ return risk to predict what will be kept by specific customers. This also allows us to proactively alert you to problem products & to those stars that will stay sold.  Those alerts and forecasts are pushed back to your existing systems, as well as available to view online.

Clear Returns alerts you to which products will return, so you can make the best buying, marketing and pricing decisions. Not only can you ensure stock flows where it will be kept, you can make re-ordering decisions to ensure you buy fewer returns in future.  Talk to our expert team and learn more.

product returns snapshot

Data Requirements

Easy integration from and back to your existing systems.

Clear Returns Predictive Services offer seamless integration with their REST style API, enabling users to work collaboratively with other suitable business applications such as Salesforce, CRM, Retargeting and Marketing engagement systems.

By taking a 13-month back extract of your data, we can ensure you can get results from Day 1. Our easy to manage APIs push data back out to your existing tools and systems and allow us to collect your sales, returns, and product data on an ongoing basis.

As with any data driven technology, there is an underlying volume and quality of data required for optimum results. This solution typically works best with:

  • ecommerce, mobile, catalogue and TV shopping data
  • where a customer ID, order ID and product ID is or can be captured
  • where revenues generated by the business exceed £15m, or refunds exceed £5m

Getting started is simple - talk to us now and we’ll prove the return on investment and supporting business case.