Introducing ClearReturns

Rooting out inefficiency by targeting the causes of retail returns.

ClearReturns identifies those customer, marketing and operational behaviours driving goods to be returned to retailers – where possible intercepting that behaviour. We aim to prevent “saveable” refunds before they occur and alert retailers to those background behaviours causing a greater likelihood of returns amongst certain product lines and customer groups.

Vicky Brock Introduces ClearReturns

Returned goods cost UK retailers £9.4 billion last year. 34% of clothes bought online are returned, with general etail return rates of 20% Multi-channel retailers face particular challenges – goods bought online are often returned in store, where they enter a complex reverse logistics process. Worst case scenario, returned good never re-enter the sales process at all, instead ending up in landfill.

Using mathematical processes and techniques rooted in usability and digital analytics, our intelligence system focuses on purchase behaviour beyond the initial conversion. We’ll be identifying, targeting and where possible intercepting the causes of returns.

Our mission is to reduce wastage and inefficiency, making retailers significant savings. There will be a significant environmental and societal impact – fewer road journeys, reduced packaging and reduction in the volume of returned product being disposed in landfill. Consumers benefit too - they’ll experience less of the frustration and wasted effort associated with returned

ClearReturns is still in the start-up phase. We’re working closely with key partners and will be releasing further information shortly. We’re also part of the prestigious Intuit100up accelerator programme - the pick of the UK’s most promising start-ups.

Want to know more or think we can potentially work together? Contact Vicky Brock [email protected], +44 1463 729314