ECHO provides timely automatic alerts on the most costly returns problems and is 99% accurate in forecasting which products are most and least likely to be returned after only 10 returns are made. This gives you the ability to make fast, cost-effective decisions to boost profits and allows you to understand and predict your returns and costs at a product, SKU, sub-category and category level.


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SEER is a unique customer scoring tool which segments your customers based on their returns, purchase history and net value by assigning them with a Propensity to Return score, giving you detailed insight into your customer’s behaviour.


Effectively manage customer lifetime value by identifying who are your most valuable customers now and in future and reduce your cost to serve expensive customers by targeting your marketing appropriately.




Smart Exchange brings the in-store expertise of converting returns into exchanges to the online channel, allowing you to retain revenue and even upsell post-sale. Target those who are most likely to keep their purchases with well performing products that fit their needs and improve their customer experience and level of service online - at a total cost less than that of a return and re-purchase.


Returns Consultancy


Clear Returns offer bespoke consultancy services around returns and profitability analysis.


The data team can provide detailed recommendations by analysing non-live data sets, such as a previous season of data, in report form to provide detailed insight into your product performance, returns and buying history and flags up any errors or issues that you can then act upon.