Your returns challenges can be solved

Don’t let returns issues escalate – they impact costs, profit margins and customer experience. Clear Returns identifies the products, marketing campaigns and customers that are driving your returns and provides alerts and automated responses to tackle problems fast.

Using patented technology and proprietary mathematical models built from a market-wide view of what customers keep, we help you understand the customers most negatively affected by your returns as well as the customers that cause them. This is crucial to overall customer engagement strategy, as well as building profitability and tackling fraud.

And we don’t make you do all the work – our technology feeds insight out, as well as pulling data in, so you can use your existing technologies to automate responses. For example, when a good customer has been impacted by a bad product, or when high value customers are experiencing returns issues, a marketing or service intervention can be all it takes to save that customer experience and maximise future lifetime value.

Award-winning predictive technology that identifies:

  • The small % of your products that account for up to 50% of your returns.
  • Your ‘toxic’ products that drive disproportionate levels of returns, not just of the products themselves but of other items in the basket.
  • The small % of serial over-buying and wardrobing (wear and return) customers - who cause as much as 10% of your returns and cause out of stock/margin issues.
  • Money being wasted promoting products to customers who never intend to ‘keep’ and those marketing campaigns that drive up returns.
  • Lost lifetime value of returns from first time customers – up to 80% of these never shop with you again, even if the returns process is seamless.
  • Opportunities to offer smart, profitable exchanges to customers – retaining revenue and improving customer experience.

Clear Returns’ software automatically alerts you to these issues after just a handful of returns so that action can be taken quickly, before the problem escalates or is exacerbated by promotional activity – meaning you can grow keeps and grow profits.

Depending on the extent to which you want to integrate our technology, decisions based on these insights can be automated using your existing ecommerce, CRM and stock management systems.

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