Posted by Ellie November - 9 - 2012 0 Comment

The time has flown by here at Clear Returns HQ and suddenly the big pitches are less than a week away. November 14th, 5 days away to be exact!


Half of our team are preparing for the European finals of IBM’s Smartcamp in Berlin. As the winners of the Dublin heat we were thrilled and the positive response we gained from that experience has been huge.


Meanwhile the other half of the team are prepping for the Women 2.0 competition in New York. Naturally being the only non-US company selected as finalists we were over the moon to even have the chance to go! Since the announcement of the finalists we have had interest from US companies before we even deliver our pitch so this is sure to be a hugely exciting opportunity.


Needless to say the team are taking every moment they can to rehearse and practice for the big day, and despite some missing props and potentially dodgy accents, the feedback has been positive!


We will keep you posted on our progress so keep an eye out for our next blog post and tweets all through the week.