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Building a base of loyal customers is one of the most profitable things a retailer can do. Our research shows that around 30% of customers show significant loyalty to their favourite shops with most purchases being made at a stable, slow rate. Although, a small number of customers s...

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Wear and return behaviour is something many have reported on previously, but how do you spot it? How do you deal with it?   When we think of someone stealing from high street retailers, we usually think of shoplifters. But a small number of customers have developed an ingenious pattern of...

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Several retailers have opted to differentiate their return policies although last week online retailer Singer22 implemented a Continue Reading →

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Several industry articles recently have shown a focus on emerging ecommerce markets. Here we round up the key stats and deliver a concise overview of these markets.   First up, China. Now this is hardly an emerging market with several key players in retail already making their presence fe...

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