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Big data and analytics are the buzzwords of the industry right now. It's never been easier to collect vast amounts of valuable data from a vast array of devices and touchpoints - but how do retailers make the most of these kinds of technologies?   As retail becomes increa...

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The over-buying customer is a tricky customer to handle. They love to bring the shop to them, they buy a ton of clothing options online to try on at home, fully intending to return a large chunk of their purchases. They think they are a retailers golden customer an...

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Our research shows that the largest proportion of returns are often caused by first time, dissatisfied customers. These customers were dipping their toe in the water and trying out a new retailer but ended up disappointed with the product they received.   Continue Reading →

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The latest IMRG Connect event was held in London on May 2nd with a great line up of speakers and engaging content and here we summarise the key take-away points of the day.   One particularly...

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